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About Charité Health Services Research

The plattform

  • is the key point of contact for health services research at Charité for all interested parties from science, health care industry, politics, as well as the general public
  • connects and strengthens the scientific competencies of the involved clinics and institutes as well as their cooperation partners
  • supports the further development of new methods and concepts in health services research
  • organizes regular activities to promote junior and senior scientists, advanced training and continued professional education within the network

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What is health services research?

Health services research examines the accessibility of health care, its quality and cost-effectiveness, as well as individual patient benefits, taking into account socioeconomic, psychosocial, cultural, and institutional determinants. It analyses the structures and processes of medical, therapeutic and psychosocial care in everyday practice. A broad range of quantitative and qualitative methods is applied, which are constantly improved and adapted towards the specific research questions, data sources, and settings of health services research.

Health services research generates the evidence-base for the development and rigorous evaluation of new population- or individual-based health care procedures, thus informing health care politics and individual decision-making.

What topics are covered by health services research at Charité?

The platform Charité Health Services Research connects the expertise and research activities of its member institutions, currently focusing on the following topics:

  • Outpatient and cross-sector care
  • Vulnerable groups and persons with chronic diseases
  • Emergency and acute care
  • Telemedicine and digital care
  • Prevention in and through healthcare
  • COVID-19

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