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Charité Health Services Research

Charité Health Services Research

Demographic changes, a continuous growth of the elderly population as well as the shift of the disease spectrum towards chronic illnesses have been challenging the healthcare system for many years. At the same time, the rapid growth in medical knowledge about disease etiology and prevention, as well as the rising use of new digital technologies, are expanding the possibilities in diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation in an unprecedented way.

These developments pose new challenges for health services research and the health care system at large, including:

  • an accurate selection of a therapy tailored to the individual needs and priorities of a patient while maintaining the best quality of life possible,
  • a timely and cost-effective translation of innovative clinical procedures to routine care,
  • an accurate selection of suitable therapies for patients with multiple diseases,
  • improving access to effective diagnostic and treatment procedures,
  • providing complex, integrated care for patients with chronic illnesses.

The aim of the Platform - Charité Health Services Research is to promote health services research at Charité through connecting researchers and interprofessional stakeholders, and systematically establishing and expanding structures and services, in order to ensure timely and effective translation of research into everyday healthcare for the benefit of patients.

The platform Charité Health Services Research

  • is the key point of contact for health services research at Charité for all interested parties from science, health care industry, politics, as well as the general public
  • connects and strengthens the scientific competencies of the involved clinics and institutes as well as their cooperation partners
  • supports the further development of new methods and concepts in health services research
  • organizes regular activities to promote junior and senior scientists, advanced training and continued professional education within the network